Here you can purchase our truffles and a selection of artisan truffle products from Gourmet & Chic:

Caja Foodie Box Productos elaborados artesanos de TrufaIf you run a restaurant, to buy for the first time a minimum of one box with 14 cans of 750 ml of truffle oil, or a box of 8 cans of 500 g of truffle sauce; or if you are a specialized store, having to buy a box containing 69 bottles of 100 ml or 60 jars of honey truffle, is a lot without having tried it before. So, in order you to try and decide which products you want to buy on a regular basis later, we offer you to set up your own FOODIE BOX® with our products, or by contacting us through this email:

*We will help you set up your FOODIE BOX® and you will have a 6% discount for the first order.

Truffle products available on our online store: Fresh truffles, Artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750 ml., Artisan Truffle Oil, 100 & 750 ml., Artisan Truffle Honey, 4%, 140 g., Artisan Truffle Sauces, 120 & 500 g., Artisan Truffle Carpaccios, 100 & 365 g., Artisan Truffle Foie Gras, 130 g., Sheep Milk Cheeses ripened with Truffles and Mushrooms, 454 g.; Sheep Milk Cheeses ripened with Saffron, 454 g., Truffle Caviar 200 g., Artisan Truffle Chocolate, Artisan Truffled Salt 100 g. plus kitchen and table Truffle Slicer Capeaux D’or and our Truffle Artisan Combo that includes Truffled Foie Grass, Honey and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.