Envolviendo las trufas en papel, una a unaWrap them individually in paper. The paper will absorb the humidity of the perspiration. Wrap them all together in a clean cloth and place them in a closed container in the refrigerator. They can be enjoyed for about 10 days. Another form to enjoy those few days is by “truffling” other foods in your refrigerator; place the truffles in the same closed container with eggs, butter or cheese.

It will depend on the ripening stage of each truffle. The best is to use them during the first 2-3 days after receiving them and placing them in the refrigerator. Wrapping them individually in paper and placing them in a plastic container in the refrigerator will prolong their life. Truffles have thousands of microorganisms per cm², and in order to prolong their life they need to remain dry and with a minimum of oxygen but never in a vacuum.

It is a common practice yet we do not recommend it, unless you are going to use the rice to cook truffle risotto. Rice dries out and absorbs too much of the truffles’ aromas.

Mold (or mycelium) can grow on the truffles’ exterior, as it happens with cheese. They do not represent a sanitary hazard. They can be cleaned by brushing the mold off with a soft, clean brush or cloth. Keeping truffles dry and wrapped in paper will protect them from future mold.


Use fresh truffles at room temperature to maximize their aroma. Do not warm up or cook white truffles slicer they lose aroma; grate or slice them at serving on top of the plate using a grater or a truffle slicer.  On the other hand, black truffles can be cooked or warmed up to maximize their flavors on the plate. Truffle aromas attach themselves to fats or alcohol. Therefore, to enjoy your experience with truffles, combine them with eggs, cheese, cream or any fat or keep a truffle in brandy during a few weeks to pour it over or varnish a roast as it is taken out from the oven.

In their essence, truffles are eminently water; when freezing and unfreezing them, they become soft. If a truffle has been unfrozen completely, dice it or cut it in a fine julienne. Take it out of the freezer 2-3 minutes before using it, to give it some room temperature and to prevent that it cracks but try to avoid that it turns soft. Immerse the filleted or grated and still frozen truffle in mild extra virgin olive oil; it can spend hours immersed in oil. The unfreezing process will be perfect and you will be elaborating truffled oil that can be used to reinforce the aroma of your plate. The rest of the truffle that has not been filleted or grated can be placed in plastic foil and returned to the freezer.


All our products are artisanal, hand-made, in small lots. That means that our stock of finished products is small and we tend to produce on demand. We incentivize advance orders of at least 2 weeks. There are days when truffles cannot be harvested because of rain or snow in the fields; during those difficult times, the supply chain is not efficient. We strive to fulfill any order in full. If not, we offer a replacement if feasible or a credit as it may be. For any questions, send us an email to:

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